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Bob Miller

Animator and Star Wars Historian
W.R. Miller - known informally as “Bob” – has been involved in animation for two decades, as a writer, character animator, special effects animator, and storyboard artist, with two Emmy wins on The Simpsons, and storyboard supervisor credits on Courage the Cowardly Dog, Lionhearts, and Megas XLR.  Bob’s byline has appeared regularly in Starlog, Comics Scene, Animation Magazine, and Animation Scoop. His books include The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook, Volume One: 1971-1976, documenting media coverage of the original Star Wars, with a foreword and endorsement by producer Gary Kurtz, and The Animated Voice, Volume One, featuring interviews with voiceover actors plus Pixar director Pete Docter and Garfield writer-voiceover director Mark Evanier. Website: http://wrmilleronline.com/.