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Shad Gray

Torchwood Seven
Former Director
Denver, CO
Shad Gray is an obsessive Doctor Who fan and collector who travels the globe to gain signatures from the show's stars, and would sit on panels at conventions where he wouldn't shut up. He's an idiot who spends way too much time and money on all of it. At one time, he created and ran TorchwoodSeven.com, but had to shut that down; mostly because he was easily distracted by tacos and never did proper updates or regular postings. He sometimes still helps out TheGeekPort.com and WhoGirls.net because he loves loves them and owes them so much, but for the most part he acts retired.

Warning: He is in dire need of some psychological help and is best when medicated at all times. If found in a foul mood, he can be placated with talk of Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, PornHub, or Marvel Comics.