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Erik Engman

Writer, actor, director, lunatic, lover and poet. Erik has been a main staple in Los Angeles theater for many years.

He has studied improv at Second City, IO West, The Groundlings and Chris Barnes' Comedy Dojo. He's a co-founder of the improv group Comicidal Tendencies and has hosted "Doctor Who-se Line is it Anyway?" improv jam at Gallifrey One.

He is a member of Sacred Fools theater company where his plays "Dracula Bit My Ex Wife", "Mittens and Mrs. McMillan", "Betsy", and "Enter the Grandma" were seen as a part of the late night show "Serial Killers", He also writes and directs for Sacred Fools' 24-Hour Play "Fast & Loose". And has contributed to the Sacred Fools show "The Box". He was last seen in a mystery role in "Lamprey - Weekend of Vengeance" as a part of the Hollywood Fringe 2016, which he also assistant Produced, which won Best Comedy. He was also seen in the Magnum Opus Players production of "Star Crossed Love" a terrible screenplay performed word-for-word misspellings and all.

You can read his short story "The Garden Prize" in the anthology book "Tales from the Female Perspective" available on Amazon.