Featured Guests

avatar for Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston

The Ninth Doctor
avatar for Peter Davison

Peter Davison

The Fifth Doctor
avatar for Pearl Mackie

Pearl Mackie

Bill Potts
avatar for Tosin Cole

Tosin Cole

Ryan Sinclair
avatar for Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

Lady Christina De Souza
avatar for Janet Fielding

Janet Fielding

Tegan Jovanka
avatar for Frazer Hines

Frazer Hines

Jamie McCrimmon
avatar for Joy Wilkinson

Joy Wilkinson

Writer, "The Witchfinders"
avatar for Vinay Patel

Vinay Patel

Writer, "Demons of the Punjab"
avatar for Pete McTighe

Pete McTighe

Writer, "Kerblam!"
avatar for Michael E Briant

Michael E Briant

Classic Doctor Who Director
avatar for Margot Hayhoe

Margot Hayhoe

Classic Doctor Who Production Manager
avatar for Sallie Aprahamian

Sallie Aprahamian

Director, "The Witchfinders"
avatar for Steffan Morris

Steffan Morris

Line Producer, Doctor Who
avatar for Anjli Mohindra

Anjli Mohindra

Rani Chandra / Queen Skithra
avatar for Tilly Steele

Tilly Steele

Willa Twiston
avatar for Mark Dexter

Mark Dexter

Charles Babbage
avatar for Anna-Louise Plowman

Anna-Louise Plowman

Diana Goddard
avatar for Tracie Simpson

Tracie Simpson

Producer, Doctor Who
avatar for Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Comics Artist, Writer, and Storyboard Artist for Doctor Who
avatar for James DeHaviland

James DeHaviland

2nd AD, Production Manager, Doctor Who
avatar for Mark McQuoid

Mark McQuoid

Camera Operator, Second AD, Doctor Who
avatar for Mark Corden

Mark Corden

2nd AD, Doctor Who
avatar for Scott Gray

Scott Gray

Doctor Who Writer, Editor, Artist
avatar for Emma Reeves

Emma Reeves

avatar for Gary Russell

Gary Russell

Novelist, Screenwriter, Script Editor
avatar for Rhianne Starbuck

Rhianne Starbuck

Sharon, Big Finish Productions
avatar for Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley

Chiana, "Farscape"



Keith Barnfather

Reeltime Pictures
avatar for Shawna Benson

Shawna Benson

Unt. Animated Star Trek Series

Brannon Braga

Executive Producer, The Orville

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

Executive Producer, The Orville

Jessie Christiansen

California Institute of Technology
avatar for Paul Cornell

Paul Cornell

Writer, Doctor Who
avatar for Matt Fitton

Matt Fitton

Writer, Big Finish
avatar for David Gerrold

David Gerrold

Novelist, Screenwriter

David A. Goodman

Executive Producer, The Orville
avatar for Jason Haigh-Ellery

Jason Haigh-Ellery

Big Finish Productions

Philip Hopkins

California Institute of Technology

David J Howe

Telos Publishing
avatar for Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones Illustration

Collin Kelly

IDW Comics
avatar for Sarah Milkovich

Sarah Milkovich

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
avatar for Bob Miller

Bob Miller

Animator and Star Wars Historian
avatar for Larry Nemecek

Larry Nemecek

Guest of Honor
avatar for Dan Peck

Dan Peck

Writer/Role Player
avatar for Dr. Anita Sengupta

Dr. Anita Sengupta

Chief Product Officer / Professor
avatar for Kim Steadman

Kim Steadman

Science System Engineer

Denton Tipton

IDW Comics