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Storyteller and Author: Weaving spontaneous stories for the classroom setting, for the enjoyment of younger students and as a learning process to aid older students in learning how stories are created. As an author, working on the on-going fantasy series, "Secrets Beyond Scymaria". Styled after CS Lewis' "Narnia", her series bounces her protagonists between in their world and the world of an unusual creature they've befriended, where they encounter problems that require solutions. Solutions that might possibly be resolved with new skills they've acquired.

Photographer and Artist: She takes her photography skills into the world of art, creating photopolymer-etched prints, using paint instead of Photoshop to manipulate her creations. In addition, there are various other mediums that have caught her eye—other forms of printmaking, water color ... and, especially the creation of medieval books, large and small. Using wood instead of cardboard and leather instead of cloth for the covers, it is a satisfying and tactile pursuit.
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