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Author: co-author of RED WHITE & WHO: THE STORY OF DOCTOR WHO IN AMERICA, essays in: OUTSIDE IN VOL 1, OUTSIDE IN VOL 2, OUTSIDE IN BOLDLY GOES, OUTSIDE IN MAKES IT SO, OUTSIDE IN TAKES A STAB, OUTSIDE IN GAINS A SOUL, OUTSIDE IN TRUSTS NO ONE, OUTSIDE IN WANTS TO BELIEVE, OUTSIDE IN REGENERATES, OUTSIDE IN WALK WITH ME, A WORLD OF DEMONS: VILLAINS OF DOCTOR WHO, ME AND THE STARMAN, WE ARE CULT - CULT MOVIES FROM A TO Z, co-author of a forthcoming pop culture project [TBA], author of several books on doll collecting. Assistant Masquerade Director at Gallifrey One (2012-present). Co-presenter of RETURN TO THE HELLMOUTH and DRAG HAGS podcasts. Guest on Trap One Podcast. Director of Costumed Events at LI Who (2013-present). Director of Costumed Events at LI Geek (2015-present). Director of Costumed Events at Trek Long Island (2023- ) Writer, panelist, event organizer, cosplayer, doll expert. MCU geek.1960s Pop Culture geek. Music geek. Media geek.