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Saturday, February 15

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Photo Studio Session: Pearl Mackie with Series 10 TARDIS Green Screen Photo StudioPearl Mackie Autographs (at Showmasters Events) Showmasters (Dealers Room)Christopher Eccleston Hair Club for Ten (10th Doctor) Cosplay Meetup Convention Center Patio Children's Program: Frankenstuffies Children's Program Room (First Floor) Cosplay Photos: Posing & Framing Program E (Pacific Coast 1)Joanna Sherlyn Dunlap • Shawna Hafen • John O'Halloran • Veronica Swarens Doctor Who Crossover: Don't Panic Edition Program C (Pacific Coast 4/5)Scott Gray • Michael Ackerman • Tom Dickinson • Peter Mazzeo • Dan Murphy • Jennifer Picker • Robert Smith? • Caroline Wittman Writing for Legacy Television Program B (Aviation Ballroom)Julie Benson • Shawna Benson • David Gerrold • Pete McTighe • Vinay Patel • Joy Wilkinson BBC Television: Before and Now Program A (Marquis Ballroom)Geoffrey Beevers • Michael E Briant • Marcus Gilbert • Margot Hayhoe • Frazer Hines • Ken Deep Kaffeeklatsch Kaffeeklatsch RoomDavid Tipton • Scott Tipton • JK Woodward The Mars 2020 Rover: The Countdown Clock is Running Program D (Pacific Coast 2/3)Sarah Milkovich • Kim Steadman Podcasters Meet-Up Program F (California 3) Autographs (at Alien Entertainment) Alien Entertainment (Dealers Room)Richard Ashton • Mark Dexter Autographs (at Showmasters Events) Showmasters (Dealers Room)Anjli Mohindra • Anna-Louise Plowman • Michelle Ryan • Tilly Steele Autographs (Main Foyer) Convention Center FoyerNicole De Boer • Jeffrey Combs • Anthony Montgomery • Connor Trinneer Autographs (at Showmasters Events) Showmasters (Dealers Room)Tosin Cole Gaming Program: Betrayal at House on the Hill (Regular Version) Gaming Lounge Art Show Art Show Dealers Room Dealers Room Open Gaming Gaming Lounge

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